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St. John's Episcopal Church - Broad Creek
9801 Livingston Road, Fort Washington, MD

Food Pantry Sponsors:  St. John's Episcopal Church and Grace Lutheran Church.  

Mission Statement:  To do Christ's work by helping relieve hunger among the residents in the greater Fort Washington community.

Open:  Saturdays - 9:30 a.m., except for holidays and the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Service Area:  You must live in one of the following zip codes: 20607, 20616, 20640, 20735, 20744, 20745, and 20748.

Eligibility Requirements:  Clients need to bring a picture ID and proof of address such as a old utility bill on their first visit to the food pantry.

Frequency of visits:  Twice a month.

Client information needed: Name, number in household, and a photo ID

Food Distribution:  This is a client choice food pantry.  Clients are given a number in an orderly manner, drawn by lottery, for access to the pantry.  Some food items may be limited.  If you do not respond when your number is called, you must wait until the last person with a number is served.

Guns:  No guns are permitted in or near the food pantry.

Unplanned closing:  The food pantry may be closed due to bad weather, flooding of the parking lot, or problems within, or access to the building.  Information may be available at the website  If the food pantry is closed on Saturday due to problems beyond our control, the pantry may be open the following Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Call (301) 248-4290 (press 5) for more information.

Parking:  Use the parking lot north of the building.  The circle in front of the building is for drop off and pick up only Please do not park on the grass.

Staff:  The Food Pantry is staffed by volunteers who work here so that there is food for distribution to those in need in the greater Fort Washington area.


Your visit is a privilege, not a right.

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